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Spray Tanning


What to expect... A fast, convenient and safe way to tan. A 5-minute consultation will be carried out. A hairnet and disposable underwear will be provided, although you can choose to wear your own underwear if you prefer. A pop-up tent will be set up in your home, you will be asked to stand onto the sticky feet provided and to step inside the tent. Barrier cream will be applied to any dry areas. Your therapist will talk you through the positions throughout the treatment to ensure a smooth, even tan. You will then be dried off with warm air to complete the treatment. 20 minute treatment.


Individual spray tan   

£20.00 - 20 mins

Full body spray tan using Suntana spray tan solution. Develops in 8 - 12 hours. Choose from light (coconut scent), medium (cherry scent), dark (chocolate scent) or after dark (blackberry scent).  


Spray tan for 2    

£38.00 - 35 mins

Save £2 (£1 each) when you tan with a friend. £19 per person.


Spray tan for 3    

£54.00 - 45 mins

Have a spray tan party and save £6 (£2 each). £18 per person


Rapid Tan    

£22.00 - 20 mins

Need a tan in a hurry? Don't panic, our rapid tan develops in 2 - 6 hours. 

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