Special Offers

Spray tan for 3 people

£45 (Save £9) - 45 mins

Spray tan for 2 people

£32 (Save £4) - 30 mins

Gift Cards

Treat that special someone to a gift card for luxury salon & spa treatments at their home. Our team of beauty professionals will travel to the chosen location, making sure they feel perfectly pampered.


Step 1

Decide on an amount (minimum £15) to load onto the gift card.

Step 2

Call, text, or email Acasa Beauty to request a gift card or use the link below to order a gift card online. It will be sent to you or straight to the recipient.

Step 3

Your loved one/recipient will be able to book an appointment, using our online booking system, at a time to suit them.


Please rest assured that any gift vouchers you purchased before or during lockdown will be extended so you won't lose out.